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Golchin tarvel tourist agancy top agancy cultural and tourism orzanization of tehran province is conductor domestic and foreign tours take pride in working with embassis and asian and europian countries.

Golchin tourism company also extensive cooperation with various parts of Tehran, organizations and government agencies including the Ministry of Commerce, South Pars, the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Health, the Red Crescent, the Presidential Administration, Agriculture , Shahed University, University Tusi, Welfare, Ministry of Justice, Islamic Republic of Iran railways, Atvbsrany, taxi, Iran Khodro, the Association of women entrepreneurs, veterans groups, and group-based international exhibition company Sanam ...

And banks such as mortgage banks, Bank Sepah, Bank city, tourist Bank, Bank welfare workers is part of our brilliant resume.

The company contracts and cooperation between the professors and academics specialized for specific courses in Germany and France, and specialized courses for dentists in Paris as well as in Asia, in Malaysia, in collaboration with doctors and specialists for specialized exhibitions in Europe and Asia

Golchin Travel and tourism agancy is one of the companies Anthology is a chain of companies.

Golchin brand is 70 years old. The secret of their success in understanding the demands of passengers and provide requirement them with the best quality service to business travelers the highest level of satisfaction knows

This belief and try to maintain it the most important driving force in the development of the company at home and abroad.

Golchin owes its continued growth and increasing development support and customer satisfaction on the one hand and the wisdom and expertise, managers and employees believe Golchin agancy to provide the best customer service on the other hand knows.

The goal is to be able to provide a variety of travel services meets the needs of its passengers is rich and wide.

One of the concerns of businesses and industries to reduce travel costs, do so now Golchin company are responsible having sufficient expertise, orbital travel management companies.

And on individual travel and entertainment, exhibition, professional and organizational groups end up being used our attention pleasant service according to the requirements and special features of each group and providing travelers and have learned from experience that travelers have chosen we are.

Golchin travel company as the best-selling tour in Iran by relying on the extensive experience and comprehensive overlooking the planning stages of introducing tourist attractions, and more than forty countries around the world.

To provide various tours according to the needs of society

The aim of the study, planning, implementation and conduct tours of the most attractive cultural, scientific, recreational, sports and exhibitions at home and abroad.

Golchin company each year dozens of tours with the performance of input and output in the range of more than one hundred tours on five continents around the world to provide a wide range of various tours sees.

Golchin company and customer satisfaction due to the high professional standards of their activities knows the basics.

Scientific planning

With attention to every detail of the journey, taking into consideration the interests of passengers and target groups, trip planning services; and control the quality of air transport and accommodation facilities (hotels), itinerary and attention the needs of the passengers and based on experience and other factors such as the opening hours are planned sites visited.

Choose the best services and facilities

We always try to choose the best options available in each course and each tour.

But in general, our policy is to choose the hotel, usually including five-star hotels and four-star quality required is good. Founders and promoters Elite group recreation and tourism, a group of managers, the pioneers and practitioners Anthology chain companies that trade in the majority of your records management, and manufacturing and tourism, which are mostly in their records and activities to serve worthy domestic and foreign tourists have to register.

According to the customer

Our main goal has always been to satisfy passengers and the trip is memorable and nostalgic for companions Golchin Club.

Priority objectives and intellectual companionship Golchin Club members are always on the side of the best trips we figure, that customer satisfaction and encouraging them to be picked.

Some of these services include:

1. Organizing incoming tours

2. organizing foreign tour

3. Organizing incoming tours , 1 day and 2 day

4. Reservations for hotels around the world online and on voucher

5. Hotel reservation in all parts of Iran

6. Visa Iran

7. Most countries in the world visa

8. CIP services

9.foreign ticket

10. Travel insurance (accident and outlet)

11. Asian tour, entertainment and exhibition

12. Tours of special exhibitions, congresses and scientific seminars Tender

13. Golchin Managing Director of car

14. Member of parts makers

15. Member of the National Association of women entrepreneurs

16. A trustee of the Board of Bani Fatemeh Tehran

17. Director of shahr azin golchin

18. Managing director of Golchin Warriors industry

19. Member of the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism


1.Specialized tours for public and private bodies

2.Domestic and foreign tours for government agencies including the Mayor of Tehran, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Industries and Mines

3. The first specialized tours, Scientific and Cultural

4. Organizing and inviting many foreign companies in international exhibitions

5. A group exhibition of European tour

6. Outgoing tours in foreign countries including Italy, Germany, France, China

7. organizing an exclusive exhibition tours in Germany

8. Saba card design, first travel card in Iran in 1386

9. Send athletes in different sports in international competitions

10. Holding a full charter flights and outdoor

11. Projects and ongoing work

12. Offer family tours in Europe and Asia

13. Offering Visa Europe, America and Canada embassy

14. Dubai visa and special tours statistic

15. Tours in Istanbul Shopping Festival, Dubai.

Golchin of capabilities and facilities can be mentioned the following:

Low Cost Airlines ticket Blyt- -Sdvr most of Europe, Canada, America, Asia and Australia, with the possibility of monetary payment.

-Rzrv Hotel online reservation in one of the largest networks in more than 250,000 hotels worldwide, with possible local payment.

- Check the issuance and delivery of the tab hotel in Tehran to provide all embassies.

- Tour and visa advice all European countries and Asian countries.

- The issuance and delivery of high-speed train tickets train RAIL EUROPE Europe, in Tehran, with the possibility of monetary payment.

-Akhz Iranian visas for foreign nationals.

-And European countries rental service luxury villas on the islands of Indonesia, Maldives, Thailand.

-Arayh CIP services at Imam Khomeini Airport.

-Arayh Free transfer service to Imam Khomeini airport for passengers in business class or first class tickets from Elite to Europe, America and the Far East purchase

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